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The Makavelian Mystery

“One of the best barbershops around. Paul is a brilliant barber who personalises each interaction with customers and has the latest and best movies while you wait so it never drags. The energy and presence of Afro Cutz is entertaining and family friendly and let’s not forget the amazing trim that would take anyone from “where’s my hug” to ” She calls me daddy too”

Asante DSG

“Best place for a haircut in Kent. Best barber. You should call and book an appointment though as it gets really busy”

Heru Asesimba

“Paul is the best Barber in the local area by far, we drive quite a distance to get both our sons trims here”

Emmanuel Odukogbe

“The best barber in Gravesend”

seyi iyiola

“The best barber in Gravesend”

Reece Bisram

“Top barber”